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  • A legal function that prevents problems and increases your profitability

Corporate Legal Counseling

We prevent legal disputes to allow your business to operate smoothly without any disruption. We adapt to your needs regardless whether your business is large or small. We always communicate clearly in a way that is easy to understand.

Why a legal counsel?

To simplify, one can say that a legal counsel prevents problems occurring by setting appropriate contract terms whilst a lawyer handles already existing problems by applying special expertise in the specific area by litigating in court.

A legal counsel has the company's business in focus and acts as a support for all the functions within the company to make sure that the company's ongoing operations flows uninterruptedly . A legal counsel has a more general role than a lawyer that communicates in a way that everyone understands what is being said which then enables that information to be put into practice easily.

Why Torkamaan?

Torkamaan  has extensive experience in managing corporate legal issues from many different industries and has worked with clients such as Apoteket AB (Swedish state owned pharmaceutical company), Svensk Kärnbränsle hantering AB (nuclear fuel company) and Bombardier.

We adapt to your needs so that you get the exact amount & type of legal help that you need. It may be a certain number of hours per month or for a certain period of time. Our clients vary in size, operate in different industries and have different needs - but the common ground is that they are satisfied with Torkamaan.

Fixed solution

Do have ongoing legal matters in your company? We can offer you a flexible solution. For example, a certain number of hours per day, per week or per month for management of ongoing legal issues.

Interim solutions?

Are you in need of back-up during a certain period of time? If so we can at  short notice provide you with a competent and experienced legal counsel.